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The device supports two modes.QR Code Net-pairing and Smart Mode. 1.Plug in Wi-Fi Camera into the wall. After about 30 seconds camera will move around. After another 15 seconds it will make a chiming sound.Camera is now ready to be set up. 2. Make sure phone is connected to your Wi-Fi network and that it […]

View angel:75° Resolution:1920*1080. Image sensor:1/2.7CMOS or 1/4 CMSO Pixel :2MP Video Compression:H.264 Night Vision Distance:8-10m IR Cut:Support Connection:Wi-Fi(IEEE802.11b/g/n)  2.4GHz TF card storage :up to 128GB Power Supply:5V/1A Maximum Power:4V System Support:IOS,Android

1.You can enter the single device control page in the app, click “. . .” in the upper right corner to enter more functions, click “Shared devices” – “Add Sharing”, enter the phone number of the other party, click Finish, you can put the device Share for family use; 2.Click “Me-“Home Management” in the app […]

First step:Download “AISEE” APP Please scan the QR Code ,or search by “AISEE” to download on APP Store or Google Play. Second:Register an account Open App into the register/login interface. You can register by email or mobile number. Input the phone number or email address for getting verification code to register. Third:Add device 1. Power […]

1.Please confirm whether the device is energized; 2.Please confirm whether the device or the network has been cut off . If so, there is a process to go online. Please check whether it is online after 2 minutes. 3.Please confirm the network is stable.(Check methods: put the phone or Ipad besides your device and make […]

Please note when adding device: 1.Confirm device is powered on. 2.Confirm the device is under config mode(LED light is flashing). 3.Confirm that device, smartphone and router are as close to each other. 4.Make sure the network function of router and smartphone are unblocked. 5.Confirm the entered router password is correct. 6.Confirm adding device is under […]

1. Make sure the lens is not blocked.If there is a protective film on the camera lens, remove it before scanning the QR code.   2. Place the app QR code in front of the camera at a distance of 20cm to 30cm.Adjust the angle and distance until you hear a prompt.

1.Location (1)The SD card slot is located at the top of the camera. (indoor camera) The SD card slot is located at the bottom of the camera.Please open it with a screwdriver and insert the sd card.(outdoor camera) (2)After successful insertion, check the SD status in the settings for insertion. 2.Function (1)The camera will work […]